Our Mission

Founded by Harvard undergraduates, Dreamporte is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide immersive experiences to students through an educational enrichment program. Our program uses virtual reality and hands-on activities to teach, inspire, and bridge experiential gaps among students. After launching two successful pilot programs, we are starting to provide teachers with Dreamporte curriculum packages to take their students on unforgettable journeys. Our long-term goal is to have Dreamporte programs available to students across the country, so more students can access learning experiences.

“Virtual reality technology creates the world of imagination, which is capable of breaking the boundaries in traditional education.”

Our enrichment program utilizes crowdsourced 360 videos and games on smartphone-based virtual reality headsets to bring exciting experiences directly to the classroom. However, we believe that VR experiences shouldn’t just be in isolation; they should be guided by thoughtful questions and fun activities led by teachers, volunteers, parents, or mentors.

Student Empowerment

Harvard Innovation Lab

Increased Motivation

2 Pilot Programs

Meet the Team



Inspired by her love for travelling and learning, Kelly decided to form Dreamporte after hearing about the enormous potential of virtual reality. She is a student at Harvard University studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. While she loves science, her experiences since college have allowed her to develop a passion for issues in education and social justice.


Vice President

Matt is a student at Harvard studying Neurobiology. He's an avid peer tutor, as he enjoys watching his students learn and grow in their knowledge and their confidence. He loves listening to music and learning about new bands other people's music tastes. He still has a list of over 300 bands he's yet to give a listen to!


Program Leader

Julia is a student at Harvard studying Physics, but her passion for art and music has given her access to so many wonderful opportunities on campus. She was a member of a “Defeating Malaria Initiative,” called MobMalaria, which implemented an audio-guided flashmob to educate participants about the disease and how they can make a difference.


Curriculum Developer

David Chang is a rising senior at Harvard concentrating in Social Studies with a minor in computer science. His passion for innovation in education and public service led him to join Dreamporte his sophomore spring. He hails from San Diego, land of the best beaches, much-vaunted Mexican food, and beautiful weather; in his spare time he enjoys reading, writing, playing piano, or unnecessarily strategic board games.


Web Developer

John is a sophomore at Harvard studying Computer Science. Originally from Atlanta, he is passionate using technology to expand education. Aside from Dreamporte, John works on his own tech projects, tutors, and teaches. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music and travelling (preferably both at the same time).


Video Manager

Daniel Chen is a Junior studying Astrophysics and Physics. In his free time, Daniel enjoys playing piano and string bass, trying restaurants in Harvard Square, and learning cardistry. His interests in education focus primarily on increasing science literacy and cultural awareness. He has conducted research on educational methods in his hometown, Kansas City, Missouri.


Originally from Slatington, Pennsylvania, Caleb is an Economics student going into his last year at Harvard. He is passionate about education and loves teaching. He joined the Dreamporte team in February and is beyond excited about its educational potential.


Originally from Los Angeles, Tenzin is a student at Harvard concentrating in Economics. She is passionate about mentorship and education, particularly for students with special needs. In her free time, Tenzin enjoys attempting to cook, playing the viola, and Netflix-ing.


Tech Team Leader, Web Developer

Originally from sunny Miami, Rachel is a student at Harvard concentrating in Computer Science and Math. Rachel’s passion for virtual reality led her to join Dreamporte. Rachel is an accomplished chess player (Woman FIDE master) and a black belt in karate. Rachel loves biking, historical fiction, and new challenges.


Andrew is a serial entrepreneur and business management consultant with passion for innovation and scalability. His commitment to Dreamporte is in leadership, strategic growth, and financial management. He is a master's degree candidate at Harvard University, holds a certificate in big data management from MIT, and has recently completed a teaching fellowship with Harvard Business School.


Lisa is a sophomore at Harvard planning to study electrical engineering and/or computer science. She is excited about the potential applications of virtual and augmented reality, and the crossover between technology and education is what brought her to Dreamporte. As technology manager, she hopes to both curate and create effective VR content for Dreamporte's participants. Having lived in Florida for the past decade, she loves going to the beach; her other passions include coding, photography, and traveling.