How it works

We aim to empower educators by providing a curriculum package and technical support to anyone who wants to run Dreamporte as an enrichment program or even in their classroom, allowing them to spread the joy of immersive experiences. Our program's goal is to allow students to go beyond Dreamporte and pursue new interests sparked by their experience in Dreamporte.

Packaged Curriculums

6 Weekly 60-90 minute lessons


10-15 Mobile Phones and VR Headsets for priority programs


Tech training and feedback system for educators

Administrator or Teacher?

We are now accepting applications for those interested in running their own Dreamporte programs

Content Creator?

We are now collecting videos--of cities, nature, fun events, travel destinations, etc.—for our pilot program. If you have 3D videos, please consider contributing to our private library. With a simple video, you can make a difference. All contributors will be acknowledged in our program, website, and publicity.

Potential Sponsor?

We thank and appreciate all of our sponsors. If you are interesteed in becoming a sponsor, please contact us